Orange Juice goes global.

It all starts with
a bright idea.

Why is Tropicana the best way
to wake up? Because inside every
Tropicana orange is a burst of
Florida sunshine. Our sunburst
became the signature image of
a global campaign.

Poster: Its a new day. Be troptimistic.

Go big or go home.

In New York you do things on a grand
scale. To see what we mean, click the
video below.

Smile, you’re on Instagram.

Instagram photo: Times Square Superbowl sponsor. Instagram photo: Things are looking up. Instagram photo: 100% of your vitamin c.
Instagram photo: Bursting with the juice of 3 oranges. Instagram photo: Hello, sunshine. Instagram photo: All aboard. All Awake!
Instagram photo: Light at the end of the tunnel. Instagram photo: Portable sunshine. Instagram photo: Ready to Shine.

Some sweet spots.

Giving kids a nutritious
start to their day.

Every time you pick a fresh Florida orange from the Tree of Giving,
a child in need receives a glass of Tropicana orange juice.

Screenshot of website: Tropicana Tree of Giving