Defending freedom of expression.

Even the good guys pack heat.

The enemies of free expression have been served
notice. Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
has you in its sights.

Poster: Information is ammunition.
Poster: Information is ammunition.
Poster: Information is ammunition.

Journalists are on the
front line every day.

That was the theme of this
award-winning campaign.

Posters: When journalists are targeted, the truth dies.

We strongly believe that without access to information,
freedom of expression is a hollow freedom.


True stories from
the front line.

This campaign exposes us to real life stories
of journalists who were killed for their reporting.
Newspaper articles written by the felled
journalists were used as the backdrops.

Poster: Some stories get covered up even after they're written. Poster: Journalists report the news and sometimes they become it.

How does Canada rank when
it comes to access to information?
Watch this and maybe you’ll find out.